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The Complete Package

No Middle Man

Through the elimination of the "middle man” and going directly from the factory floor straight to your fixtures, we can pass on significant monthly savings to you through our complete turn-key solution

In the majority of cases, our lights do not require costly fixture replacement, thus further reducing your retrofit costs.  And with our proven high quality manufacturers, we have access to any product required to meet your needs.

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A recent study has demonstrated that artificial lighting simulating daylight was able to increase concentration and cognitive performance in students….The so-called “biologically-optimized” lighting used in the study was produced by combining blue and white LEDs…. The results showed that students working under biologically-optimized classroom lighting achieved better results than the comparison group in standardized tests for concentration ability, and their performance speed also increased.

Optimized lighting conditions help students to improve performance: Students working under artificial LED lighting designed to stimulate daylight showed improved concentration and classroom performance
Tim Witaker, June 2012